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Advantages of timber frame construction

Advantages of timber frame construction in summer and annual houses. A characteristic feature of these structures is timber framing filled with thermal insulation and covered externally with façade boards or timer boards, e.g. OSB, plywood. The supporting structure is made of posts and horizontal elements of external walls. At the top there is a ground sill, at the bottom a girt. Walls are constructed within a timber frame and are made of layers.
  • a board or façade panel on the wall,
  • windproof,
  • plating with timber boards (OSB or plywood), if necessary,
  • thermal insulation (mineral wool, 10-15cm thick),
  • vapour-proof,
  • internal covering of the framing with gypsum boards or wooden wainscot,
  • walls topped with floor joists and rafter framing.
This is how a healthy, timber house is constructed in a short time. Its advantages are as follows:
  • short construction time compared to traditional construction,
  • quick implementation time,
  • construction possible all year,
  • energy saving,
  • optional use of modern ecological materials,
  • lower costs of constructing one square meter of a house,
  • unlimited opportunities for the internal arrangement with easily available and environmentally friendly materials,
  • symbiosis with the natural environment makes us perceive our bond with nature, improves our relations with the environment and provides with calm and healthy life.



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